Eric vs Mak

A 4-year fitness competition between friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you worried that this challenge is going to go off the rails and blow up in your faces?


Why are there red dots over the DEXA and Fit3D scans?

Those are being referred to as 'clown noses'. Attempts were made to pixelate the areas covered by the clown noses instead, but the resolution combined with the pixelation algorithm resulted in very suggestive patterns.

Why don't all of your measurements match up?

All the measurements presented on this site are wrong to some degree. Before the DEXA test, the subject's weight is taken using the same kind of analog scale that can be found in a doctor's office (beam balance scale) in imperial units. Later, the subject's weight is taken by the Fit3D scanner using a digital scale in metric units. Finally, each candidate uses a number of personal and gym scales over the course of the competition. None of these scales agree with one another. To compensate for this, our scoring will assume that all measurements and comparisons have a small percentage of error in them.